Keeping labs safe

Hazardous Waste Disposal


Most school districts already have a contractor to dispose of hazardous wastes. The local association can also call the county health department and speak to the county environmental health coordinator.


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The rules to support the procedures

Chemical hygiene plan

  • Occupational Exposure to Hazardous Chemicals in Laboratories: PEOSH standard 1910.1450

Right to Know

  • PEOSH Right to Know: N.J.A.C. 8:59

Hazard Communication

  • Hazard Communication: N.J.A.C. 12:100-7

Personal Protective Equipment

  • Protective Clothing: PEOSH standard 1910.132
  • Eye and Face Protection: PEOSH standard 1910.133
  • Gloves: PEOSH standard 1910.138
  • Medical Services and First Aid (including eyewash and shower): PEOSH standard 1910.151

Fire Control

  • Portable extinguishers: PEOSH standard 1910.157