NJEA Resources to help local associations reduce violence and bullying

Go to Health and safety under Issues and Actions,

  • then click on Publications, then The NJEA booklet, Violence in Schools: Guidelines for Local Leaders, has many suggestions for what NJEA members can do about violence.
  • then go to NJEA Reporter Articles and click on the index:
    ◦     under Violence, find Ten Steps to Reduce Violence, October 2010.
    ◦     under Health and Safety Committees, find Your Best Solution: a Health & Safety Committee, October 2010, to learn about forming a committee in your school.
  • NJEA 2010 flier, found on the Anti-Bullying page.

Information about the law

To learn about the EVVRS/HIB laws, and to stay current with changes in the law, you can check the EVVRS Welcome page, http://homeroom.state.nj.us/EVVRS.htm, where the NJDOE posts information, announcements, documents and forms. 

Useful material on this page includes:

  • Current EVVRS and HIB reporting forms, under Reporting Forms.
  • Definitions of different types of incident, under Quick Access.
  • Scenarios, under Training Materials, to clarify types of incidents that are often confused in reporting.
  • A Power Point, also under Training Materials, called Improving Data Reporting, has a lot of helpful information on reporting, including recent changes.
  • Users manuals, under User Documents, for EVVRS and for HIB-IBT, for the person who inputs the forms electronically.

The three-year trend data in the article is from the Commissioner’s Annual Report to the Education Committees of the Senate and General Assembly on Violence, Vandalism and Substance Abuse in New Jersey Public Schools.

Find data on each type of incident by district for 2011-12