Establishes pilot program in DOE to address State’s shortages of mathematics and science teachers.”

NJEA supports A-2311Aca (Jasey, Coutinho).   This bill would make permanent a pilot program that assists teachers with certificates in fields other than math and science receive certificates in these fields.  There are recognized shortages in these fields, especially in urban districts.  New Jersey needs more certified math and science teachers.

NJEA worked with the sponsors of the original legislation that established this pilot and supported it and the subsequent extension.  We are thrilled this bill would make the pilot permanent.

Since the beginning of the pilot program, the Center for Teaching and Learning, founded by NJEA, has had over 100 participants complete its science program who are currently working in public schools, teaching physics and chemistry.  These teachers have taught over 10,000 students in both introductory and AP level science, primarily in urban districts.  Without this program, these students would probably not have had the opportunity to take upper level science courses.

This program has helped New Jersey’s public school students and is reaching more students as it grows.  NJEA asks you to support this legislation.

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