Requires schools to maintain supply of epinephrine and permit administration of epinephrine to any student having anaphylactic reaction.

NJEA supports A-2734 (Russo, Rumana, Caride).  This bill would require schools to maintain a supply of stock epinephrine via a prefilled auto-injector and to permit its administration to any student believed to be having an anaphylactic reaction.

This legislation is important for the growing number of students with known and unknown food allergies.  If enacted into law, school districts will be appropriately equipped with epinephrine, which is the only lifesaving medication available to treat students who may be experiencing an anaphylactic reaction for the first time while at school.

Given that 25 percent of all anaphylactic reactions in schools occur among students without a previous food allergy diagnosis, this legislation has the potential to save lives.  This legislation will greatly assist our certified school nurses in appropriately providing these students epinephrine during an emergency.

NJEA urges your support of A-2734.