Allows certain military spouses with out-of-State teaching license to receive temporary instructional certificate in New Jersey.

NJEA supports A-2892 (Diegnan, Burzichelli, Tucker, Wisniewski) but would like to see it amended to mirror current administrative code.  This bill would allow a nonresident military spouse who holds a valid out-of-state teaching license to receive a temporary instructional license in the state of New Jersey.

New Jersey Administrative Code 6A:9-8.9 provides interstate reciprocity for individuals holding out-of-state instructional licenses.   However, if New Jersey requires a subject matter test for the certificate, individuals seeking the New Jersey certificate must either have passed a test in their state or must pass the New Jersey test.  Nonresident military spouses who move from state to state might need time to meet this requirement.  This bill would give them a temporary six-month license, enough time to complete any test.

NJEA requests, however, that the bill’s provisions be amended to reflect current regulations.  The administrative code requires either three years of successful teaching experience or that an individual meets the New Jersey GPA requirement.  This bill should be amended so that non-resident military spouses have either two years of successful experience and the New Jersey GPA requirement or three years of successful teaching experience.  This will ensure that anyone seeking a certificate under this bill meets the New Jersey requirements.

NJEA asks that you support this bill.