A-3081 / S-2154

Creates Education Reform Review Task Force; delays certain uses of certain assessments and certain changes to teacher evaluation system.

 NJEA supports A-3081 (Jasey, Andrzejczak, Eustace, Diegnan, Watson Coleman, Wimberly, Oliver, Mainor)/S-2154 (Van Drew, Gordon.)  This bill would delay the use of new assessments in teacher evaluation and create a task force to look at new curriculum standards and testing.

NJEA worked with the legislature and the Department of Education to pass historic teacher tenure reform in 2012, and we stand behind our support of the law.  However, we have been asking the Department to slow down its implementation of the new evaluation regulations that resulted from the 2012 law, TEACHNJ, since the Department first began the regulatory process. 

New Jersey has had curriculum standards, state testing, and teacher evaluation based on student progress for many years.  However, each of these systems is undergoing change and transformation at the same time.  The state’s students, parents, and educators need adequate time to adapt and adjust to these changes. 

This bill would create an Education Reform Review Task Force, which would

  • Review the implementation, potential effects and cost of the adoption of the Common Core State Standards and compare them to current standards in literacy and math;
  • Look at the costs, technology, and time to administer the PARCC assessment;
  • Examine methods other than standardized assessments to measure progress toward meeting State standards;
  • Estimate costs to implement the new evaluation systems; and
  • Look at issues related to the use of student data.

The bill would also

  • Allow districts to administer the PARCC test online or via paper and pencil;
  • Prevent the use of SGPs as part of a teacher’s summative evaluation until the task force’s final report or two years from the effective date of the bill, whichever is later; and
  • Specify that the Department of Education may not use the PARCC assessment for student or school accountability purposes for at least two years after passage of the bill.

If we do not slow down the rush to implement the new evaluation system, the new test, and the new standards, we will only stress our students and our schools.  NJEA fully supports A-3081/S-2154 and asks that you do the same.