“Requires criminal history record check of school district volunteers”

NJEA supports A-598 (Spencer, Caputo, Quijano). This bill requires that any individual who volunteers to provide service on an unpaid basis in a public school district must undergo a criminal history record check in accordance with the same standards and procedures used to conduct such checks on paid school district employees. 

Schools have a tremendous responsibility to keep children safe while they learn. The purpose of conducting criminal background checks on school employees is to protect the safety not only of students, but also the safety of staff and others who may be in a school building. By extending this requirement to volunteers who work regularly with children, this legislation makes schools more secure—and gives parents even more reason to have confidence that school is one of the safest places their child can be.

NJEA is concerned that this bill shifts the cost of providing background checks to the volunteers, however, given the enormous fiscal constraints facing school districts at this time it is understandable that this is necessary in order to afford the additional level of protection this bill provides.

NJEA urges a yes vote on A-598.

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