Requires high school driver education courses raise awareness about aggressive driving.

NJEA supports S-1791 (Greenstein).  In an effort to bring awareness to the dangers of driving aggressively, this bill would require high school driver education courses, certain new driver brochures, and the driver’s license written exam to include aggressive driving information.

According to the 2013 Highway Safety Plan created by the New Jersey Division of Highway Traffic Safety, there has been an increase in speed related fatalities over the last five years, with the most prominent age group falling between the ages of 17 and 25.  S-1791 will define aggressive driving as unexpectedly altering the speed of a vehicle, making improper or erratic traffic lane changes, disregarding traffic control devices, failing to yield the right of way and tailgating.

The bill would require that the driver education curriculum in high schools, as well as brochures developed by the NJ Motor Vehicle Commission, emphasize information about the dangers of driving in an aggressive manner.

Knowledge is power.  S-1791 serves to empower new drivers to understand the dangers of aggressive driving and will make them safer drivers.

NJEA urges you to support S-1791.