Requires health insurance coverage for certain student athlete physical examinations.

NJEA supports S-1910 (Madden).  This bill would require insurers to cover the cost of physicals needed to participate in student athletic or camp activities. 

A physical exam is one important way schools strive to protect the health of student athletes and keep them safe. Although a physical exam cannot guarantee an individual’s health, exams can identify health issues that need to be addressed. 

While there are schools that offer students the opportunity to have their sports physical done at little or no cost by the school physician, some students might be better served by having their own primary care physician conduct the exam. In spite of this, some parents might choose the school-provided physical because of their inability to pay the cost of taking their child to see his or her primary care physician.  While a school physician can give a student an adequate physical, the school physician does not have the same in-depth knowledge of a student’s medical history as his or her primary care doctor.  Requiring insurers to cover the costs of these physicals, therefore, will give parents the option to make the best decisions for their children.

Covering the cost of athletic physicals will help improve student safety.  NJEA asks you to support this bill.