“Committee to Review Out-of-School Time Programs”

NJEA supports S-3072 (Rice, Greenstein).  This legislation would establish the “New Jersey Out-of-School Time Advisory Committee,” to review before-school, after-school and summer programs. 

NJEA looks forward to being one of 19 members with a seat on the committee which will:

  • assess current programs
  • adopt appropriate statewide standards for the design, implementation and assessment of programs
  • examine existing funding and sources for funding
  • review the development and operations of out-of-school programs in urban, suburban and rural school districts
  • make recommendations to increase the quality and accountability of programs

The committee will issue its first report one year after its initial meeting and its final report no later than two years after the first organizational meeting.

NJEA supports this bill because our members recognize the importance of high quality out-of-school time programs.  What children do when they are not in school has a tremendous impact on how they do and what they are able to do in school.  Creating safe, stable, and nurturing environments is as important out of school as it is in school.  These hours can be used to promote healthy life-styles, help students develop new interests, and provide academic support among other things.  Growing the effectiveness of these important programs has the potential to improve student achievement and future success.

NJEA asks you to vote YES on S-3072.