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2013 NEA RA

Nearly 600 NJEA members spent their Fourth of July week guiding national policy at the 93rd NEA Representative Assembly and Annual Meeting in Atlanta’s Georgia World Congress Center. From July 3-6 NEA members from all over the country debated issues relating to public education.

2013 NJREA Spring Luncheon

Retired members from across the state traveled to the East Brunswick Chateau in Hamilton on April 25 for the annual Spring Luncheon.


Educaching - Students at Woodland School in Barrington learn about GPS technology through a treasure hunting activity called educaching. Educaching melds geocaching with education. Geocaching is a worldwide game of hiding and seeking treasures. A geocacher places a geocache somewhere in the world, and locates it using GPS technology and then shares the geocache's existence and location on line. The project uses language arts, math, geography and logic skills. It combines treasure hunting, puzzles, logic skills, writing, and creativity for gifted and talented students.  This project is made possible through an NEA Learning and Leadership Grant.


Crime Scene Investigation is an interdisciplinary event involving students from Franklin, Kittatinny, Halsted, Frankford, Sussex Wantage, Lafayette, and Andover. Students worked with a medical examiner, a lawyer, a CSI professor, and teachers to complete blood-typing, fingerprinting, footprint analysis, crime scene sketches, and other activities to solve a murder based on real events.

Ralph rock star

Music teachers like East Hanover Township’s Randy Raab have to please multiple, fickle audiences. Raab engages his audience through a mix of unconventional and orthodox methods. He introduces pre-kindergarten students to the mechanics of the violin before singing and dancing to a song about a cookie. Older students play a game to identify classical composers such as Bach, Beethoven, and Mozart and their famous works. Raab uses technology and old-fashioned showmanship to engage and excite his students about music and more. 


Girls continue to find inspiration in the life of New Jersey native and suffragette Alice Paul. Clearview Regional School students learned about Paul and many other inspiring women, from pilots to pioneers, from inventors to artists. Students created art projects and performances to bring the achievements of historic women to life.

A day

Politicians and the public are sometimes quick to criticize schools, but just as in any profession, unless you’ve walked in their shoes, you’ll never know the challenges and satisfaction of working in the public schools. Logan Township School District is giving the public a chance to see what it’s like to work a full day in the classroom. Volunteers served as teachers and paraprofessionals to experience first-hand a long, fast-paced day filled with frustration, humor and heartfelt moments.

John Rodden

Dozens of education advocates and community activists lined up at the March 6 meeting of the Schools Development Authority to decry unsafe conditions in many New Jersey schools.