NJEA ESP Person of the Year Award

NJEA will present the "Educational Support Professional of the Year" Award to an NJEA member whose activities reflect the contributions of educational support professionals to public education. The purpose of the award is to recognize an individual who shows outstanding accomplishments in one or more of the following areas:

  • Involvement and activities in the association and how he or she has enhanced the image of education support professionals;
  • Innovations to support the day-to-day education process;
  • Work responsibilities and professional achievements in his/her classification or field;
  • Involvement in promoting public education in the community;
  • Enhancement of education support professionals’ image in the association, work site, and/or community.


Individuals must have been an NJEA member for three years as of January 15 of the award year. Individuals must be nominated by their county association through the county association’s adopted procedures.

Nomination procedure

Each county can submit one nominee through its ESP award system. A county award system is one developed by a county association that gathers nominations through local affiliates and selects one county-wide award recipient. Criteria for the county award is designed by the individual county and should not conflict with the state and national award’s criteria and purpose.

Selection of the award

Local associations are encouraged to select a nominee and submit his/her name to their county association by Friday, September 26, 2014. Locals must complete the local association nomination form and provide a nomination letter to their county association. Also provide one letter of support and any other supporting documents that may assist in the evaluation of the nominee. Nominees will not be considered if they are sent from their local association and not through their county association as per the NJEA Delegate Assembly selection process. Only one nominee per county is accepted.

The county association will select one name, complete the county nomination form, and submit it to:

NJEA ESP Committee
PO Box 1211
Trenton, New Jersey 08607-1211

The information may also be sent by fax to (609) 599-1766.


Nominations from county associations must be received at NJEA no later than by Friday, October 27, 2014. No county nominations will be accepted after the close of business on this date. Following the NJEA award selection and recommendation to the NJEA president, the application will be submitted to NEA.

Application Process

Each nomination will be checked to ensure that it meets eligibility requirements. The NJEA ESP Committee will serve as the selection committee. The selection committee will not know any applicant’s personal identity, local or county, and will review applicants according to the criteria and purpose listed. The committee will forward the selected application and recommendation to the NJEA president and/or executive committee.

Presentation of Award

The NJEA Educational Support Professional of the Year Award will be presented during the awards dinner at the annual NJEA ESP Conference.