The Answers:

NJEA Commonly Used Acronyms


American Arbitration Association, a private non-profit organization founded in 1926 to provide information on dispute resolution and administer the details of arbitrations. Most of our contracts provide for utilization of AAA at the arbitration step of the grievance procedure.


American Education Week, an annual late-fall observance co-sponsored by NEA and other organizations to increase public understanding and appreciation of the schools.


American Federation of Teachers is a union of approximately 852,000 members (as compared with the NEA membership of over 2.7 million) affiliated with the AFL-CIO.


Association representative is also known as building/area rep, faculty rep or steward. This person(s) is your representative to your local association. He/she is located in your building/worksite, and problems or individual concerns should be channeled through your AR.



Cost of living adjustment is a provision in a collective bargaining agreement which spells out some formula for adjusting wages in accordance with changes in some accepted index.


The Delegate Assembly (DA) determines the policies of the Association; approves the Association budget; acts upon reports from the NJEA officers, the Executive Committee, and all standing committees; and elects New Jersey representatives to the NEA Board of Directors. DA members are elected by members of their counties and units of representation.


Education association is the local association which represents teacher/faculty interests in the local school district. Contracts are negotiated between the school board and this body. The association takes positions on local dues, local issues, and local problems and conveys local positions to the state and national organizations.


Educational Support Professional. NJEA also represents educational support staff in many school districts. ESP staff include assistants, technicians, paraprofessionals, secretaries, food service personnel, bus drivers, custodians, maintenance personnel and many others. The ESP unit takes positions on local dues, local issues, local problems and conveys local positions to the state and national organizations, as well as bargaining the contract with the local school board.



Professional Development and Instructional Issues. A function of NJEA's Program Services Division, which provides a wide variety of conferences, publications and other services and projects to support and encourage quality practice in education.


National Education Association is our national organization representing over 2.7 million members and deals with employment and educational concerns on a national basis.


Political action committee is a legal mechanism through which our Association provides financial support to political candidates for state office. NJEA PAC provides us with the power to shape our profession, protect our benefits, and promote public education


Under the evaluation of teaching staff members regulations and the professional development regulations,  the content of each teacher’s professional development shall be specified in a PDP; the individual “professional development plan”.  This document is a written statement of actions developed by the supervisor and the teaching staff member to meet the needs of the individual teacher in the context of his or her job.  The intent of the PDP is to allow the individual to continue to grow professionally and/or to correct any deficiencies noting during the evaluation process.  Timelines and responsibilities (district and/or individual) for implementation must be included.


Public relations usually refers to communications internally with our own members and externally with the community.


Representative assemblies--the highest legislative bodies of the national organization. They establish policy positions on issues, determine budget, set dues and elect officers. The NEA RA meets once annually in July.


Tentative agreement, a term used in the collective bargaining process. A TA may refer to a complete negotiated document subject only to ratification by the parties, or it may refer to a specific piece upon which the parties have agreed. It may be a noun ("We now have a TA") or a verb ("Let's TA Section 3a").


Unfair labor practice, any of a wide variety of practices which have been described by PERC as illegal. Included are things like refusal to bargain in good faith by either party, employer interference with employees' rights to organize and maintain their union, and many more.


Unified Service is the field services component of NJEA. Your Uniserv director (UD) is the staff person assigned to your local to assist members with negotiations, contract maintenance, retirement, unemployment, workers' compensation, representational issues and a host of other member issues.