8 Ideas for promoting yourself and your profession

Good school public relations is not just publicity, and it's certainly not show biz. It's a total program built on the cooperation of all school employees. One of the essential ingredients is "personal PR" -- doing the things that are important to promote yourself as a professional, such as:  

  1. Proudly display your qualifications to teach (certificate, diploma, awards, honors, and commendations).

  2. Tell your students about yourself and make them aware of your life "outside school."

  3. Surround yourself with a few personal items that reflect you as an individual -- family photos, desk ornaments, plants, books.

  4. Bring your family and friends to after-school and community activities.

  5. Do business in the community in which you teach and patronize businesses owned or run by your students' families.

  6. Write thank-you notes to students, parents, and colleagues. Use notepaper or stationery that identifies you as a teacher.

  7. Use the bulletin board or display case in the front of the building to spotlight individual staff members throughout the year.

  8. Purchase business cards for use in contacting businesses, new colleagues, and parents.