I Think I'm in Trouble

Here are a few tips that can help keep you out of trouble and are good advice if you find yourself up in a difficult situation.

REMEMBER! Your association is here to help you.

  • While you're trying to defend yourself, you may get into more trouble. Just listen to your supervisor, take good notes and admit nothing.

  • Give your association rep all the details.

  • Don't give your written account of what happened to anyone without first getting the association's approval. Keep your own set of notes.

  • Start keeping your own detailed notes if you believe the administration is starting to document your performance.

  • Keep good records. Make copies of what's in your personnel file.

  • Keep deadlines. In order to protect your rights, there may be timelines to follow. Check with your association rep or your contract for those dates.

  • Know your contract. Ask questions of your association rep.

  • Keep cool. Don't lose your temper.

  • Don't just complain; do something. The only way to fix a problem is to let the association know about it.

  • Don't be rushed into anything. You have the right to request postponement of a meeting if you're association rep can't be there. When the meeting does take place, take careful notes.

  • Document all events that you report. Include the time, date, and people present and specific details.

  • Be careful whom you confide in and what you tell them. Your problems may show up on your evaluation.