Be a Winner in the Job Survival Game

To keep from being "voted" off the work site, consider these association survival techniques.

  • Make contact with the association. Become a member. Find out what the benefits are.

  • Know your contract. Many of your job duties and responsibilities are spelled out there.

  • Check out your probationary rights. In this trial period, your rights may be different or non-existent. Find out how long you are on probation.

  • Know what your benefits are. Sit down with an association rep who can explain what you're entitled to.

  • Follow your supervisor's directions. You may not like the order, but you have an obligation to follow it, unless the order puts you or others at risk. Grieve later, if necessary.

  • Check your personnel file. Take time to look at your file at least once a year. Make a list of the contents, sign and date the list, and keep it with your important papers.

  • Don't sign anything until you have checked with the association. Don't be pressured or persuaded to sign anything until you fully understand the document.

  • Take someone with you. If you think a meeting could lead to discipline or you are discussing a serious issue with your supervisor(s), request to have an association rep with you.

  • Don't let problems get out of control. Don't wait too long to bring up a problem or issue with your association rep. If you are going to file a grievance, you have strict timelines to follow.

  • Ignorance is no excuse. Claiming "I didn't know!" usually won't get you out of trouble.

  • Be on time and do your job to the best of your ability. If there are problems accomplishing this, see your association rep.