You're On Your Way

This is the last set of tips for this school year. In August, we will begin the tips again for another crew of new members.

We hope the "inside secrets" delivered through the monthly New Member Tips have been helpful and encouraging. The goal was to save you the frustration of trial and error and provide you with resources to help make the school year more successful for you.

We wanted you to feel comfortable with the education community, establish a relationship with your fellow workers and see how the association can help you grow in your particular area of education.

Getting off to a good start is important in any job. We dealt with tips for success early on in our series of monthly tips. They were followed with information on maintaining a professional image and taking care of your personal needs.

We showed you how the association could help you with evaluations, difficulties with coworkers and what to do if you find yourself facing discipline. The tips gave you a brief history of NJEA and explained why you and the association need each other.

You need to believe in the importance of what you do for children each day. Have faith in yourself. You do make a difference. We hope you've learned these lessons in your time on the job so far.