7 keys to managing your time

Teaching takes time. The key to managing your time -- so you have time to teach and still have a life outside school -- is being in control.

  1. Control starts with planning. If you plan each day, there will always be time for the important things.
  2. Prioritize your daily plan or list of activities. Try author Alan Lakein?s (How to Get Control of Your Time and Your Life) idea of assigning the letters A, B, C to tasks based on the value of getting them done. Focus first on the ?A?s.
  3. Get the ?absolute musts? done early in the day to avoid feeling frantic. Do important things when you have the most energy.
  4. Ask yourself, ?How terrible would it be if I didn?t do this low priority item?? If the answer is ?Not too terrible,? then don?t do it.
  5. When someone asks you to just do one more thing, say NO! No is a responsible answer if it won?t result in losing your job, your family, or your life. To help you say no, you can:
    • be direct and honest
    • avoid defensiveness
    • be brief and to the point
    • suggest alternatives to the person asking
  6. Use your time efficiently. Choose activities that bring the highest return in value when measured against your goals.
  7. Try not to procrastinate. Instead:
    • set a deadline
    • use positive self-talk to get going
    • break a job into smaller tasks and do them one at a time
    • set up a schedule and a target date
    • reward yourself after the task is completed