When All Else Fails, Try This!

The best way to get control of your classroom-and keep it there-is by making sure that learning is fun, interesting and relevant to your students. Good planning helps, but when it seems like even the best lesson plans aren't working, consider these tips from veteran teachers.

  • Make sure all students can easily see you when you are presenting information or using the chalkboard or AV equipment.

  • Keep in mind potential distractions-windows, doors, animals, instruction stations.

  • Locate your desk, work areas, and instructional areas where you can see everyone all the time.

  • Students needing extra help or attention should be seated close to the front of the room.

  • Make sure parents and students know your discipline standards and the consequences when rules are broken. Make sure your rules align with the district's policy.

  • Be consistent. Be fair. Be positive.

  • Treat students with the same respect you expect from them. Have students help set classroom guidelines for behavior.

  • Don't be afraid to laugh at yourself when you make a mistake.

  • AND. . . Classroom management can be a difficult skill to master. If these tips aren't helping, reevaluate your rules and policies. Talk to your mentor. Let students know you're making some changes and be consistent from then on.