I Don't Know what I Need to Know!

If you already know where to park and you have your gradebook in hand, here are some other more things to know and have.


  • Your school hours
  • Your classroom and curriculum duties and responsibilities
  • Additional duties and responsibilities such as bus, hall, and lunch duties
  • The district's and/or school's policy on:

      Dispensing medication
      Referrals to special programs
      E-mail and Internet usage
      Fire drills and lockdowns
      Field trips

  • How to handle a sick day, personal leave day, or an emergency for you
  • Who to contact in case of a classroom or school emergency
  • When faculty, team, or other regular meetings are held
  • Where and how to get classroom supplies
  • How to communicate with parents
  • How to fill out school forms
  • How and when you are paid; payroll deductions
  • What insurance coverage you have
  • When is open house and what is the policy or procedure for it


  • Required district forms such as W-2, insurance enrollment, teaching certificate, contract
  • Grade book or other student record forms
  • Calendar
  • A copy of the student handbook
  • Forms you will need during the first week:

      Accident reports
      Absence reports
      Hall passes