Include your Association in the Evaluation Process

Your mentor and association reps and leaders are around to make sure you receive a fair and objective evaluation.

You can help the association help you by following these tips:

  • Read the article on evaluations in your contract to become familiar with the process.

  • Have conversations with your mentor, colleagues and association reps about how best to handle your evaluation. Share any concerns you have about your performance so far.

  • If you think that the evaluation may not go well, begin to document any conversations you have had with your evaluator. Note the day, time and topic of those conversations and any negative comments.

  • Make note of how long the evaluator observed your performance.

  • In most cases, the evaluation process includes a post-observation conference at which time you should receive a written copy of your evaluation. Review it carefully, paying close attention to negative comments and/or suggestions for improvement.

  • If your evaluation is unsatisfactory, discuss the report with your evaluator. Make sure you clearly understand his/her evaluation of your performance. Check your contract to see if you can bring an association rep with you to the conference.

  • If problems are noted, ask for specific guidelines about what needs improvement. Ask your evaluator to name someone he/she considers a model of good teaching so that you can observe that teaching style.

  • Don't assume that any negative comments mean your job is in jeopardy, but do take the comments seriously.

  • Notify your mentor and the association of any problems or issues you have with your evaluation. Don't try to go it alone. They may advise you to respond in writing to the evaluation and they can provide guidance on how best to do that.

  • Be sure you're familiar with your contract rights when it comes to signing the evaluation report. Don't be pressured into signing the evaluation. You can request to take it home to read it more carefully. Don't refuse to sign the document; you could be considered insubordinate. Talk to your mentor and association rep about how this issue is handled in your district.