You've Only Just Begun

This is the last set of tips for this school year. In August, we will begin the tips again for another crew of new members.

We hope the "inside secrets" delivered through the monthly New Member Tips have been helpful and encouraging. The goal was to save you the frustration of trial and error and provide you with resources to help make the school year more successful for you.

We wanted you to feel comfortable with your school staff, be familiar with styles and techniques of instruction, establish rapport with your students and their parents, and see how the association can help you develop in your profession.

The number one reason why teachers quit the profession is the difficulty in controlling their classroom. We dealt with this issue early on. Since high stress and lack of time management skills also cause teacher burnout, those topics got priority also.

The reality is that getting it all "done" or "covered" in one school year is not a reasonable goal. It's the nature of the profession. Keep that in perspective. Learning to separate your personal and professional lives is the key. You can be a devoted, conscientious teacher and still have a life!

It's a busy and complicated profession but it's the noblest of all. If you think back over your school experience, I'm sure certain teachers stand out. They made a difference in their students' lives. Set a goal to become such a teacher. Take pride in your teaching career. Each day you show even one student that you care, you've had a good day!

Students will come to visit and they'll say that you were the best teacher they ever had. Rewards like this do come—even though you may not see them on a daily basis. You only need to believe in the importance of your profession, realize the value of each of your students and have faith in yourself.