What Not to Say

While it's always important to choose your words carefully when talking about students and their behavior, it's even more important when you are talking with parents about their child who is perfect in every way in their eyes. The following positive expressions were taken from Conference Time, produced by the National Education Association.

Should Must
Can do more when s/he tries Lazy
Disturbs the class Trouble maker
Depends on others to do his work Cheats
Working at his own level Below average
Insists on having his own way Stubborn
Not challenged Disinterested
Could make better use of his/her time Wastes time
Difficulty in getting along with others Bullies
Uses unbecoming language Swears
Tries to get attention Shows off
Inconsiderate of others Rude
Has a chance of passing, if Will fail
Outspoken Insolent
Achieving below his ability level Poor grade of work
Can do better work with help Stupid
Poor habits Unclean
Cooperation Help
Usually Time and again
Failed to meet requirements Failure