Rules for Summer Vacation

Yes, there are “rules” you need to follow for your first summer vacation as a teacher. But don’t worry if you don’t follow all of them—there are no vacation police or mentors checking your progress.

  • Take care of yourself. Do as your mother advised—get plenty of rest, eat right and exercise!
  • Begin your work on an advanced degree. It’s easier to get the required reading done and papers written when you don’t have the added responsibility of your own students.
  • Attend the workshops, conventions and conferences you weren’t able to attend during the school year.
  • Look for a summer job that is totally out of your field. Some of those jobs may make you really glad that you have a teaching job in the fall.
  • Consider constructing your bulletin boards. Have everything drawn, colored and cut out and ready to go.
  • Do something creative that you’ve never done before. Take piano lessons, refinish furniture or learn to sail.
  • If you like—do nothing. Read, watch the soaps, sleep late, get a tan or play. You deserve it!