Make a "Who's Who" List of ESP

As you make your list of who's who in your school and district, don't forget to find out about your Educational Support Professionals (ESP).

Make it a New Year's resolution to get the answers to the following questions:

  • Who does what in the front office? If there's more than one secretary, find out who tracks attendance, who calls parents, who takes phone messages and who controls the copier.

  • Who works with you in the classroom? You probably know this already but have you had a conversation with your paraeducator about his/her responsibility in the classroom? How he/she can best help you?

  • Who watches the students in the cafeteria or on the playground? Find out what you can do with your students to make the job of these ESP easier. Know what power they have in terms of disciplining students.

  • Who fixes things? Something as simple as a broken pencil sharpener can make your day a nightmare. Know how to get help.

  • When are the floors washed, waxed or vacuumed? If you or your students are planning on leaving projects or materials out over a period of days, will it impact the custodian's job? Know whom to call if you need spills cleaned up or accidents attended to.

  • Who drives the buses? Elementary teachers may have a better handle on this question but, regardless, all teachers should know how to make arrangements for a field trip, what regular bus safety rules need to be reinforced in the classroom and how bus drivers handle discipline on their buses.

  • Who provides school security? In this day and age, knowing what the safety procedures are in your building and knowing who is responsible for enforcing safety rules is crucial to the survival of you and your students.