Are You Properly Certified?

Most new teachers in New Jersey are hired with either a Certificate of Eligibility (CE) or a Certificate of Eligibility with Advanced Standing (CEAS). Once hired, they must apply for and get a Provisional Certificate. During their first year, they are evaluated three times on state forms which are copied and sent to the Department of Education. This applies to new classroom teachers but not to most non-classroom practitioners such as social workers or guidance counselors.

It is very important that the district register all new classroom teachers who hold either the CE or CEAS for the provisional program and that the teachers apply for and receive their provisional certificate. The teacher is prohibited by statute from teaching until they have the appropriate certificate. Their required year of provisional service and mentoring begins only after they are registered with the State. Unfortunately, districts sometimes neglect to register new teachers with the State.


  • Look at your teaching certificate/license and make sure it says provisional, standard, conditional, or emergency certificate and that it corresponds to the grade level and subject(s) you are assigned to teach. If it doesn't, or if you are not sure, seek assistance from your local association.

  • IF you hold a certificate of eligibility (CE) or a certificate of eligibility with advanced standing (CEAS), have you applied for your provisional certificate? If you have not or if you are unsure, seek assistance from your local association.

  • Make a Professional Records file and put your CE, CEAS, provisional, standard, or emergency certificates in it. Also, put copies of all evaluation and observation reports into this file.
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