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The New Jersey Retirees' Education Association (NJREA) is dedicated to improving the quality of life for retired educational personnel by providing interesting and informational programs and social situations for NJREA members; by working with NJEA & NEA organizing for the common good, to pass beneficial state and federal legislation, and get friends of the educational community elected; by providing a wide variety of member services; and by keeping members informed about health insurance and pensions.

Court’s COLA ruling a “theft, plain and simple”

“Despicable” decision reinforces need for constitutional amendment

On June 9 the New Jersey Supreme Court issued its ruling in Berg and New Jersey Education Association v. Christie, a case that challenged the state’s right to take away the earned Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA), which has long been an integral part of New Jersey’s public employee pension systems.  In a 6 to 1 vote, the court ruled against the plaintiffs. Learn more

Rescuing the pension from the politicians

For years, politicians of both parties have failed to fund New Jersey’s pension systems. After nearly two decades of neglect, the systems are in a dire position: they need regular, responsible payments from the state in order to remain stable and to provide public employees with the secure pensions they have earned. Learn more

The fight for full pension funding

NJEA has been pushing hard for full funding of our members' pension systems. Here is a timeline of what has happened in the past year in our fight to secure New Jersey public employees' pensions in the future. Learn more

Working after retirement

If you are considering working after retirement, you should be aware of the restrictions imposed by laws and regulations governing post-retirement employment. For NJEA's interpretation of the state's restrictions, please sign in

An autumn of advocacy

Are you looking to make the most of your NJREA membership?  Want to find out what’s being done to solve the pension crisis and learn how you can help? Then mark your calendars and join NJREA for its annual Fall Meeting on Thursday, September 22.  This popular member event will return to its original venue at the Nottingham Ballroom in Hamilton this year. Learn more

Early endorsements given to friendly incumbents 

In late April, the 125-member political action committee of the New Jersey Education Association (NJEA PAC) voted to endorse seven candidates in the Congressional general election on November 8. These candidates were eligible to receive early consideration under the “friendly incumbent” rule of the NEA Fund for Children and Public Education. Learn more

Voters support school budgets

On April 19, voters in districts that hold April school elections passed their school budgets by an impressive 87.5 percent. In all, 16 school districts continue to hold their elections in April, rather than November, to permit residents to have a voice in the budget process.  Initial reports show that budgets passed in 14 of the 16 districts who have opted to continue the practice of April school elections.  The two failed budgets were in North Bergen (Hudson County) and Palisades Park (Bergen County), each losing by narrow margins. Learn more

Pumping up the PAC

With a constitutional amendment question on funding public employee pensions expected to be on the November 2016 ballot, union members are gearing up for possibly the most important election of their lives. That’s why NJREA has been hard at work encouraging its members to contribute to NJEA’s Political Action Committee (PAC). Learn more

NJREA 2016 PAC Fundraising Spring Contest

Beginning March 1, if your county raises the most money or raises the most money per member during your annual spring PAC drive, your county will take home one of two $750 gift cards to be used by the county association for association purposes. Learn more

Plan to do A.C.

It’s that time of year again! Mark your calendars for Nov. 9 and 10 and plan to attend the 2016 NJREA Convention. Each year, hundreds of NJREA members converge on Atlantic City to attend this member-exclusive event. They know the NJREA Convention is a sure-fire way to discover how retirees can remain informed, stay active, and stand united in the face any challenge. Learn more

Information, involvement, and inspiration at annual meeting

Retired members from across the state traveled to the Scottish Rite Central Valley in Bordentown on April 21 for the annual Spring Luncheon. Eager to learn more about the pension crisis and what retirees can do to help, NJREA members again packed the room. NJREA President Pat Provnick called the Delegate Council meeting to order and began by asking the council members to adopt the agenda with flexibility to allow time for the planned program. Learn more


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