Buono, Silva declare education a priority

 Pat Provnick, Barbara Buono, Judy Perkins
(L-R) NJREA President Patricia Provnick, Sen. Barbara Buono, and NJREA First Vice President Judy Perkins.

Sen. Barbara Buono and her running mate Milly Silva have made public school employees a priority in their campaign to win the Statehouse on Nov. 5. Their attendance at each of the three sessions of the NJEA Summer Leadership Conference demonstrated that commitment.

And what they had to say shows that teachers and educational support professionals—both active and retired— will be treated with the respect that has been sorely lacking in the governor’s office for the past four years.

Buono praised the dedication that NJEA/NJREA members show toward their profession and the students they serve, pointing out that members go above and beyond their basic duties.

“You take time away from your families, you are dedicated professionals,” she said. “Unfortunately, we have a governor who uses any opportunity he has to demean and denigrate this profession.”

In both of their remarks, Buono and Silva shared their personal stories highlighting not only their own efforts but the opportunities that were open to them through government programs.

“When you realize what a difference grants and loans and affordable tuition made in your life, standing on the sidelines and watching the next generation drown in debt isn’t an option,” Silva said. “Barbara doesn’t need anyone to tell her education matters. Her life is proof enough.”

Silva concluded, saying that the election of Barbara Buono as governor Nov. 5 will be a victory for all of New Jersey’s students.

“It will be a victory for anyone and everyone who believes that education and our educators can make a difference,” she said. “I truly believe that the time has come that every educator and every professional is given the respect and the dignity that they deserve for the work that they do.”