Buyer’s Edge Inc.

Buyer’s Edge Inc.
NJEA Group Number 3386

Just log in with 3386 as the username and njea as the password.   Buyer’s Edge Inc. is the consumer buying service that guarantees NJEA members the lowest prices on most "big-ticket" purchases, including major appliances/TV's, cars, furniture, luggage and much more.

Through the convenience of the telephone, members can call a Buyer's Edge Inc. vendor direct, via toll-free/local numbers, M-F (some categories on Saturdays and Sundays), and speak to a "live" operator who has product and service expertise, knows inventory availability and can arrange delivery directly to your door a.s.a.p.

Buyer’s Edge Inc. offers discounts on the following items: Appliances (major), Audio Equipment, Automobiles, Carpeting, Diamonds/Fine Jewelry/Watches, Exercise Equipment, Furniture, Kitchen Cabinets/Counter Tops, Lighting, Luggage, Moving Plan, Pianos/Organs, Real Estate Plan, Vacuums.

  • Instructions and toll-free numbers
  • Visit the Buyer’s Edge website [] for a complete list of products and toll-free numbers. In addition to every day guaranteed lowest prices, we encourage members to "click in" and check out our "What's New" and the "Specials" section which is updated monthly.
  • IMPORTANT: Be prepared to give your NJEA group number (3386) whenever you contact a participating vendor.


  • SHOP FIRST – Decide on your exact specifics (e.g., make, and model or style number). When you have completed your shopping then…
  • CALL – participating vendor for price. See phone numbers in Buyer’s Edge Inc. website for correct vendor to call.
  • PAY - by credit card or check. The item(s) will be delivered to you.


  • No need to know make, model, etc.
  • Free in-store services may be available.
  • Call appropriate Buy-By-Phone vendor for local dealer referral (see phone numbers listed in the Buyer’s Edge Inc. website).


If you buy a product for $150 or more through a BUYER’S EDGE INC. Plan and within 30 days and 50 miles and find the EXACT item for less, BUYER’S EDGE INC. requires that the participating vendor mail you the difference, plus 20% of that difference.

This guarantee even covers advertised sales, discount houses and other buying plans. (Silver and gold items, services, merchandise offered with limits on availability or quantity, dealer installed options, and prices after manufacturers’ cut-off dates for model year on new cars, are not covered by this guarantee.)

If service is not satisfactory, write to  Buyer’s Edge Inc. Member Protection, 667 Shunpike Road, Suite 4, Green Village, 07935.

All membership categories are eligible.