Work-Related Injuries and Illness

If you or someone else sustains an injury at work:

  1. Someone, on behalf of the injured employee, should notify the school principal or administrator immediately upon sustaining the injury. Notification should be in writing.

  2. An accident report should be completed as soon as possible after the occurrence, but no later than 14 days. This report is usually obtained through the school nurse's office.

  3. A medical evaluation and/or treatment should be sought immediately. Do not self-evaluate injuries.

  4. If medical bills exceed $50, a petition must be filed with the Worker's Compensation Bureau by the injured employee, the treating physician, employer, or any other person on behalf of the injured employee.

  5. Worker's Compensation, for school employees, is paid under three separate N.J. Statutes:

  6. Under N.J.S.A. 18A, school employees are entitled to full salary without loss of sick days for up to one year. The benefits begin immediately (no seven-day waiting period).
  7. School employees are simultaneously covered under the regular Worker's Compensation Law NJSA 34. This law provides a fixed weekly payment. The Board's insurance carrier is responsible for the amount payable under NJSA 34 and the Board is responsible for the difference between that amount and full salary for up to one year.
    • If an employee is issued a full paycheck by the Board and is also paid by its insurance carrier for absences due to a work related disability, the Board has the right to recover the extra payments.
    • School employees are entitled to receive 100% medical coverage for all costs related to treatment of the sustained injury. Employees do not use their regular health insurance; the Board's worker's comp insurance carrier is responsible for those costs.
    • Benefits may also be payable under N.J.S.A. 24 for temporary disability, permanent total disability, and/or permanent partial disability, depending upon the extent of the injury.

    • An attorney may not charge an employee for services related to worker's comp cases. The attorney is paid on a percentage basis at the time of the settlement of the case.