NJREA freezes dues increase

At their May 19 meeting, the NJEA Delegate Assembly (DA) approved an amendment to the Bylaws that would temporarily suspend the application of the dues-increase formula for retired members. The previous month, the DA had adopted an amendment that sought to suspend for a two-year period the application of the established dues-increase formula for active professional and active supportive members.

“With the suspension of the COLA, suspending the dues increase for our members was the right thing to do,” said NJREA President Roe Jankowski

The temporary suspension of the dues increase would apply during the 2012-2013 and 2013-2014 fiscal years. Retired member dues would remain at the current 2011-2012 level during this period.

In late March, hearing that the active organization was seeking to freeze its dues increase, the NJREA Executive Committee and Delegate Council approved a recommendation of the NJREA officers that the annual increase in NJREA dues also be suspended for a two-year period. Under the NJEA Bylaws, this recommendation was sent to the NJEA Constitution Review Committee, who believed it was reasonable to extend the same dues-increase suspension concept to retired members.

“I am so pleased our recommendation was adopted,” Jankowski continued. “The officers assure all of our members that this action will not affect our commitment to advocate on their behalf.”

The amendment would take effect September 1, 2012, and would be deleted from the Bylaws on September 1, 2015.