NJEA TechCon

Tech Con 2013

Summer event offers intensive technology integration training

Looking for more in-depth technology training? NJEA TechCon 2013 will be held on Wednesday, July 24, at the Richard Stockton College of New Jersey in Galloway. It will once again be co-sponsored by NJEA, the Richard Stockton College of New Jersey, and the Southern Regional Institute and Educational Technology Training Center (SRI&ETTC).

Participants can choose one workshop that lasts four hours. Workshop topics are:

Getting Started with iPads--Develop an understanding of how to appropriately infuse the iPad into your instruction. Participants will explore apps that can enhance student engagement, classroom communication, and content knowledge.

Global Connections--21st-century classrooms are connecting across towns, states, and countries. There are many ways to make these connections. This session will introduce teachers to the plethora of programs, sites, and activities connecting classrooms and educators around the world. These include ePals, Global School Net, Wikispaces, Twitter, Thinkquest, SocialBookmarking (e.g., Diigo or Delicious), and Skype. Learn how to network with other teachers/professionals and more.

Google Docs for Educators--This overview and hands-on exploration of Google Docs applications will include a discussion of the pros and cons of the service as compared to traditional offline office software such as Microsoft Word and demonstrate the collaborative functionality of the suite. Concrete examples of teachers using Google Docs with students and colleagues will also be provided, as well as brainstormed by the group.

Introduction to EdModo—Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Tumblr, our students love social media. Edmodo takes the best parts of the social media experience and packages them into a space that is suitable for the classroom. Learn how to use this mobile platform to create a truly collaborative and connected learning environment.

Introduction to Personal Learning Networks (PLNs)--Teaching can be an isolating profession, but it's never been easier to connect with others. Twitter, blogs, Google Apps, and other tools bring educators together from other districts, states, countries, and continents to share, learn, discuss, and improve their professional practice. Learn how to use various Web 2.0 tools and social networking sites to become a networked educator and create 24-7 professional learning opportunities for you and your students.

iPads and Digital Content: Leading the Mobile Revolution, Presented by Apple--Experience how you can transform learning with innovative Apple tools for creating and deploying content. Learn how iPad and iTunesU content and courses personalize learning and increase student engagement.

iPads App. Mashup for Math Educators--Participants will be shown a variety of iPad apps at all grade levels for learning and practicing mathematics. Focus will be on apps that are appealing to students for their game-like qualities, progress tracking, ability levels, etc. There is a world of fun, arcade-like game apps that can be a great way to motivate kids to learn and practice mathematics.

iPads for Language Arts Educators—Show, tell, create, collaborate! iPad apps can help language arts teachers reach students at all levels. Participants will explore the use of the iPad for teaching grammar, writing, themes – you name it! Bring an iPad and be ready to share.

iPads for Math Educators, Grades 3-6--This session features iPad applications built specifically for math in grades 3-6. Participants will use their expertise as educators to discuss how to best integrate these and other non-math specific apps in the classroom for engagement, assessment and presentation.

iPads for Special Educators--Learn how to effectively integrate the iPad and classroom instruction for students with special needs. This session will demonstrate tips and tricks to meet the needs of diverse learners.

SMART Boards advanced--Put some spark into your lessons and have some fun doing it. You will learn the top 10 ways to hide and reveal, use links, and animate your work.

SMART Boards beginners--This session will introduce participants to Interactive White Boards and their most basic applications to classroom instruction. Topics will include: What is an interactive whiteboard? What can I do with it? Where do I begin?

Early bird pricing, college credit available

For the first time, NJEA is offering early-bird pricing for TechCon. Register by April 15 to pay. After that date, the cost of the conference is $30. Participants must register online. Continental breakfast and lunch will be provided for conference participants.

For an additional fee, participants may be eligible to earn graduate credits in the Master of Arts Instructional Technology program through The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey. Contact Dr. Amy Ackerman at 609-626-3518 or Amy.Ackerman@stockton.edu for more information.

See the flier for more information.