Technology tools that develop the three modes of communication: interpersonal, interpretative and presentational - This website enables teachers to have a free number to receive podcasts. Students use a cell phone and leave a message. All the messages go directly to the teacher account and /or email. You can broadcast the podcasts, save them on CD or upload them to websites.

Google Voice – Is similar to K7. Google Voice has an additional feature that creates the script of the podcast messages that can be printed. This allows you to go over any grammatical mistakes with the student.

Audacity - This is such an amazing tool! Students and teachers can create podcasts and projects such as radio shows. This tool allows for the use of music tracks and can mix voice and speech. Teachers can save students’ work, burn it to a CD or upload their job.

Vocarro –This is an online voice recorder. Students can record conversations and present a topic using this free tool.

 Podomatic - This website allows you to create and publish podcasts. You can upload them onto websites or post them on social media sites. It is a great tool for podcasting. – By creating comics in different languages, students develop writing skills and massage their creativity with this tool. - Create cartoons in any language and listen to them. Students can design their own cartoons and put a voice with their characters by writing a text. - This is a wonderful website that develops student creativity, collaboration, and oral and written skills. Students create avatars and put a voice with them to communicate to an audience. Teachers can sign up for a classroom account and create a gallery of vokis. The website also features a large number of sample lesson plans. - This is a fantastic website where teachers can record their lessons and webcast them when they are out of the classroom for a professional day, etc. It can also be used for flipping your classroom. Students never lose instruction time; they will still see you and learn from you, even when you are away!