Golden Rule of the 21st CenturyIf you or your school wants to learn more about how to prevent sexting, cyber bullying, sextortion, and all other self-inflicted digital issues by developing a Digital Consciousness, the following resources can be found on the website of the Institute for Responsible Online and Cell-Phone Communication (IROC2) website at

  • The Declaration of Digital Citizenship
  • My Commitment to Digital Citizenship
  • Parent Child Digital Consciousness Contract
  • The Course to Digital Consciousness Live Event
  • Public and Permanent™: The Golden Rule of the 21st Century

Copy that goes with book cover:

Guerry’s book, Public and Permanent: The Golden Rule of the 21st Century, is the first to boldly address the very dark areas of the digital world. It shows how all digital citizens can avoid becoming victims of any cyber crime. It offers a raw and uncensored glimpse into the digital black market and sheds light on the terrifying reality that digital citizens are often the victim of cyber crime because their friends, family and neighbors hand-deliver their private content to criminals.

The actions referred to in this article are those that occur on unsecured social media websites, not secured online shopping or banking sites.