In the capstone lesson plan “Cosmic Times 2019,” students are asked to project themselves a few years into the future and write the 2019 issue of the newspaper. Using the articles in the 2006 issue of Cosmic Times along with their knowledge of the universe, your students imagine where the next steps in our research will lead us.

Will the nature of dark matter and dark energy be solved by then? Will there be new NASA satellites that will take us to the next step?

Using their answers to these and other questions, students are asked to create the next newspaper in the series. We use the term “newspaper” here loosely, because your students may decide that our news will no longer come rolled up on our front porch, but instead be delivered via website, podcast or videos. The format will be up to them (and you).

We are inviting classes to send us their Cosmic Times 2019 projects so that we can share them in a student gallery. The call was posted this school year, so your students could create the first project that appears in the gallery!

Download the Cosmic Times 2019 lesson plan to do it in your classroom.

Visit the Cosmic Times 2019 Invitation Page for more information.