Additional Celebrate NJ! classroom programs and writing contests

New Jersey Scoop Research and Writing Program for grade 4. Students choose one editorial area: Arts & Entertainment, Business, People in the News, Sports & Games, Science & Environment, Travel & Tourism, or Health & Wellness; then a more focused topic (i.e. John Travolta, Old Barracks, or the NJ Blueberry), and write a 150-250 word article. The “Best of the Best” are selected by volunteer judges for this keepsake publication, The NJ Scoop: Voice of the 4th Grade. Teachers may also submit a New Jersey-focused class project.

The Classroom Connection Pen Pal Program for grades 2-5. A simple, yet powerful letter-writing program that uses the existing language arts curriculum to help students to make important connections to each other, to the place they call home, and to their own hopes and dreams. In a class-to-class match, students from different socio-economic and geographic areas become Pen Pals, and use a structured writing exchange to get to know one another and become better writers.

*STEP for Middle School (Science, Technology and Environment) Program. Students in grades 6 - 8 research people, inventions, innovations and current issues, and write an essay (300-500 words) about what they learned. They follow up this learning by creating a teaching tool using a program called "SCRATCH" developed by M.I.T., a video or other online vehicle to teach others what they learned.

*Powered by the Sun Creative Writing Program for grades K-5. Teachers can use online resources to help students in grades K-5 use their creativity to demonstrate what they learned about the power of the sun.

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*Online resources only. No contest is currently running.