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Senate passes anti-collective bargaining bill

All eyes on Assembly Thursday

Published on Monday, June 20, 2011

The New Jersey Senate voted 24-15 to pass S-2937, which undermines collective bargaining and will cost each NJEA member thousands of dollars every year.  Later this evening, the Assembly Budget Committee approved its version of the bill, A-4133, and it moves to the entire Assembly on Thursday.  Learn more about the bill and what you can do to stop this legislation, which is bad news for NJEA members.

In the Senate, all 16 Republican senators voted for the bill, joined by Democratic Sens. Sweeney, Norcross, Van Drew, Madden, Whalen, Beach, Stack and Ruiz.   The Assembly Budget Committee vote saw three Democrats (Greenwald, Coutinho, Burzichelli) join with four Republicans (O’Scanlan, Webber, Chiusano, Bucco) to move it along.  Five Democrats (Johnson, Pou, Quigley, Shaer, Watson-Coleman) opposed the bill.

Please contact your Assembly members immediately.  If one of the five who opposed it represents you, THANK them.  All other Assembly members should be urged to vote NO on A-4133 on Thursday.

Then, come to Trenton on Thursday morning for the final confrontation of The Second Battle of Trenton.  Join thousands of your colleagues in front of the State House on West State Street before noon, and plan to stay as long as it takes for the Assembly to take this critical vote. 


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