NJEA PAC endorses 69 candidates for Legislature

Published on Saturday, August 6, 2011

The 125-member political action committee of the 200,000 member New Jersey Education Association (NJEA) voted to endorse 69 candidates for election to the New Jersey Legislature this November.

The NJEA PAC Operating Committee (NJEA PAC) endorsed 48 Assembly candidates and 21 Senate candidates in 29 of the state’s 40 Legislative Districts. They include 2 Republicans and 67 Democrats.

We are excited to support these candidates,” NJEA President Barbara Keshishian said. “The incumbents we endorsed are proven supporters of public education and working families. The challengers show a real determination to return this state to its progressive, pro-education roots.”

Keshishian acknowledged that NJEA is endorsing fewer candidates this year, and that some previously-endorsed legislators are not on this year’s list.

While the screening committees took many issues into account in making their decisions, as a result of the recent pension and benefit legislation, our members will be facing significant financial consequences,” said Keshishian. “NJEA members make these endorsement decisions and they have made it clear that they will not endorse legislators who have impaired their right to collectively bargain and who have imposed thousands of dollars of additional costs on public employees.

Our members refuse to give precious resources and their own time to campaign for legislators who hurt them and their families,” Keshishian said. “But make no mistake, fewer endorsements do not mean NJEA will be less involved in the upcoming elections. If anything, we will be more committed and will work harder to support pro-public education candidates who have shown they care about public school employees, our families, and the students we educate.”

NJEA PAC voted on the recommendations of local interview teams from each legislative district. Those endorsements are:

  • LD 1    Assembly: Nelson Albano (D)
  • LD 2    Assembly: Alisa Cooper* (D) and Damon Tyner (D)
  • LD 3    No endorsements
  • LD 4    Assembly: Shelley Lovett (R)
  • LD 5    No endorsements
  • LD 6    No endorsements
  • LD 7    No endorsements
  • LD 8    No endorsements
  • LD 9    No endorsements
  • LD 10  Assembly: Gregory McGuckin (R) and Bette Wary (D)
  • LD 11  Senate: Raymond Santiago (D); Assembly:  Vin Gopal (D)
  • LD 12  Senate: Robert Brown (D); Assembly: William Spedding (D) and Catherine Tinney Rome (D)
  • LD 13  Senate: Christopher Cullen (D); Assembly: Kevin Lavan (D)
  • LD 14  Senate: Linda Greenstein (D); Assembly: Daniel Benson (D) and Wayne DeAngelo (D)
  • LD 15  Senate: Shirley Turner (D); Assembly: Bonnie Watson Coleman (D) and Reed Gusciora (D)
  • LD 16  Senate: Maureen Vella (D); Assembly: Marie Corfield* (D) and Joe Camarota (D)
  • LD 17  Senate: Bob Smith (D); Assembly: Joe Egan (D) and Upendra Chivukula (D)
  • LD 18  Senate: Barbara Buono (D); Assembly: Pat Diegnan (D) and Peter Barnes (D)
  • LD 19  Senate: Joe Vitale (D); Assembly: John Wisniewski (D) and Craig Coughlin (D)
  • LD 20  No endorsements
  • LD 21  No endorsements
  • LD 22  Assembly: Linda Stender (D) and Jerry Green (D)
  • LD 23  Senate: John Graf, Jr. (D); Assembly: Karen Carroll (D)
  • LD 24  Senate: Ed Selby* (D); Assembly: Leslie Huhn (D) and Jim Nye (D)
  • LD 25  Senate: Rick Thoeni (D); Assembly: Gale Heiss-Colucci (D) and George Stafford (D)
  • LD 26 No endorsements
  • LD 27  Senate: Richard Codey (D); Assembly: Mila Jasey (D) and John McKeon (D)
  • LD 28  Senate: Ronald Rice (D); Assembly: Cleopatra Tucker (D) and Ralph Caputo (D)
  • LD 29  No endorsements
  • LD 30  Senate: Steven Morlino (D); Assembly: Howard Kleinhendler (D) and Shaun O’Rourke (D)
  • LD 31  Senate: Sandra Cunningham (D); Assembly: Charles Mainor (D) and Jason O’Donnell (D)
  • LD 32  Senate: Nicholas Sacco* (D); Assembly: Vincent Prieto (D) and Angelica Jimenez (D)
  • LD 33 Assembly: Sean Conners (D) and Ruben Ramos* (D)
  • LD 34  Assembly: Thomas Giblin (D)
  • LD 35  Senate: Nellie Pou (D); Assembly: Benjie Wimberly* (D)
  • LD 36  Senate: Paul Sarlo (D); Assembly: Gary Schaer (D)
  • LD 37  Senate: Loretta Weinberg (D); Assembly: Valerie Vainieri Huttle (D) and Gordon Johnson (D)
  • LD 38  Senate: Robert Gordon (D); Assembly: Connie Wagner* (D)
  • LD 39  No endorsements
  • LD 40  Assembly: Cassandra Lazzara* (D)

* NJEA Member

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