Sweeney/Christie pension and health benefit reduction bill

Published on Friday, June 10, 2011

What we know so far

Senate president Steve Sweeney and Gov. Christie have reached a behind-the-scenes deal on legislation that would radically change the pensions and benefits of public employees, including NJEA members.  It would massively increase costs (up to several thousand dollars per employee, per year) while greatly diminishing benefits.

The bill is not introduced yet and text is not available.  So far, we have bill number and description:

S-2937 (Sweeney) -  “Makes various changes to the pension and health care benefits for public employees; establishes process to resolve impasse in certain collective negotiations between public employer and public employees.”

Where the legislation stands

This bill will get its first public hearing in the Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee on Thursday, June 16 at 10 am.  The hearing will take place in Committee Room 4, 1st Floor, State House Annex, Trenton, NJ


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