Sweeney, Christie, and Oliver have cut a pension and benefits deal that will...

  • Rob you of your collective bargaining rights
  • Cost you thousands of dollars each year

    If you make $65,000, you’ll lose $6,058
    If you make $45,000, you’ll lose $3,334
    If you make $25,000, you’ll lose $1,142
    • And you will lose more every year  

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    facebookIf you’re on Facebook, find these members of the Senate Budget Committee who either support the Christie-Sweeney bill or have not yet taken a stand.Tell them how it will harm you and your family. Tell them to oppose the bill.


    Protest for workers' rights

    Published on Thursday, June 16, 2011

     Pensions and Benefits Rally

     Gallery  Gallery

    Thousands of NJEA members and other public employees flooded into Trenton to protest a pension and benefit reduction bill being heard in the Senate today. Check back for photos, videos and updates from today’s events, and to get details about additional protests coming soon.

    Sweeney/Christie proposal ready to move

    Senate president Steve Sweeney and Governor Christie have joined forces to ram a harmful pension and health benefits plan through the Legislature.

    This legislation will:

    • Cost you THOUSANDS of dollars each year.
    • Get more expensive every year.
    • Strip away your collective bargaining rights.

    The bill will be introduced in the Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee today, and a committee vote is expected. NJEA Testimony

    This proposed pension and health benefit legislation will have a devastating effect on every current, retired, and future public employee in New Jersey. 

    Today is just the beginning. Members will mobilize to protest in Trenton every time this harmful legislation is discussed. Right now, we expect hearings on June 20, 23, 27 and 30, with more dates likely to be added.

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