How to talk about education reform

New Jersey’s educators support accountability, high standards, and reforms that truly help students succeed.

  • Educators welcome high-quality evaluations that measure the things that really matter and provide constructive feedback on ways to improve student learning.

  • High-stakes tests don’t make us work harder or smarter, but they do force everyone to focus on the wrong things.

  • Merit pay doesn’t work. If anything it puts even more emphasis on test scores. We need educators to collaborate with each other, not compete against each other.

  • Tenure isn’t a job for life. It only means that teachers can fight back if they are fired for personal or political reasons. Now we are proposing a faster, cheaper, better system that makes it harder to get tenure and easier to remove teachers who cannot or will not do their jobs well.

  • Public schools educate every child who comes through the doors. It’s not always easy, but we are up to the challenge. We just ask for support from our communities and especially our elected leaders as we do our job.

  • The public deserves to know that its education dollars are going to benefit students, not CEOs. We need common sense safeguards to make sure private schools and for-profit companies don’t profit at our children’s expense.

  • Getting a great early start helps a child forever. Whatever we invest in preschool, kindergarten, and early literacy gets paid back many times over a child’s life.

  • Parental involvement matters. We do our best for every child, no matter what is happening at home. But children whose parents are involved simply do better, and it is our job to encourage and enable that involvement.


Educators in the Lead