Parental Involvement

Parental involvement is a critical contributor to student success.  In situations where teachers are able to work cooperatively with parents to help students learn and grow, the results show.  Because of the clear link between parent involvement and student success, NJEA supports efforts to facilitate and increase that involvement.

Release time

NJEA supports legislation that would provide parents with up to 24 hours of unpaid leave each year to attend school functions during the work day, including conferences, events and classroom activities.  Thought the release time could be unpaid, parents would be protected from adverse employment actions due to taking time off to attend important school functions. This would encourage and enable greater parental involvement in schools, particularly for parents with less flexible or more precarious employment situations

Parental involvement grants

NJEA also supports the establishment of a grant program that would allow schools or districts to apply for state-funded grants to implement or support parental involvement training and programs.  The grants could be targeted at schools or districts that fall below certain performance thresholds.  Funds should be provided to schools or districts which demonstrate intent and capacity to successfully implement parental involvement initiatives

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