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MTEA adopts Bay Head school

Published on Monday, December 3, 2012

Bay Head SchoolBay Head Elementary School suffered significant damage and loss, as did so many of the school’s students and their families. Superstorm Sandy flooded the first floor of the school, and the nor'easter a week later caused a pipe to burst. As a result, the gym/cafeteria is unusable and many instructional spaces have been damaged.

Materials and equipment for the nurse, guidance office, board of education offices, the faculty lounge, the music department, the art department, the Spanish department and the physical education department were irreparably damaged. They hope the school reopens by the end of December, once the electrical infrastructure is repaired.

The students have been attending a "School within a School" at the Antrim Elementary School in Point Pleasant Beach, while a new electrical panel is installed at Bay Head Elementary School. Students remain with their respective teachers and are keeping to the same curriculum and class day while at Antrim.

The Marlboro Township Education Association has "adopted" Bay Head School. MTEA consists of over 700 teachers, instructional assistants, secretaries, nurses, child study team members, school counselors, librarians, library assistants, computer technicians, clerk typists, bus drivers and bus attendants. MTEA Secretary/PRIDE Chair, Kathy Bartsche, put together a collection of supplies, graciously donated by MTEA members. She has already delivered a truckload of art and physical education supplies and equipment to Bay Head Principal, Walter Therien. These supplies are being stored in some of the drier classrooms.

Marlboro Twp. Education Association adopts Bayhead SchoolMTEA is still collecting supplies and will be delivering them within the next week.

In addition to these supply delivery, MTEA President Robin Zegas purchased a mass amount of school materials and storage boxes. The MTEA members and the local PTO have filled the boxes with individual school supplies, for each and every student in the Bay Head Elementary School. Elementary school students from Marlboro Elementary School created bookmarks for each of the students and these were also added to the supply boxes. When the students finally return to their school building, a box will be "greeting" them on their desk as a "Welcome Home" gift.

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