SNJEA officer Virginia Vogelman meets with education secretary Arne Duncan

Published on Thursday, July 12, 2012

Arne Duncan & Virginia Caamano VogelmanOn July 9, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan hosted a forum with a small group of National Education Association Student Program members to discuss federal education policies and guidelines.  Student NJEA officer Virginia Caamano Vogelman was chosen to participate in this discussion about how to attract, support, and learn from great teachers. While the students offered answers, they had just as many questions for Duncan and challenged him to explain the department’s rhetoric and funding for minority teacher recruitment, educational funding, and for profit virtual and charter schools.

“I just completed my master’s program at Montclair State University,” Vogelman told Duncan.  “And now I am finding that my union is the only place I can get help in transitioning from college to the classroom.  They’re offering experienced educators as trainers, which is so important.  The only way we’re going to get high-quality teachers is if we have educators leading educators.” 

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