BlueClaws salute NJEA

Published on Friday, September 7, 2012

Wendell SteinhaurWhen NJEA Vice President Wendell Steinhauer showed up at FirstEnergy Park for NJEA night at the Lakewood BlueClaws game on Aug. 22, he was expecting a night of baseball, hot dogs, and good times with other NJEA members. He wasn’t expecting to be interviewed in bed.

It turned out that Sleepy’s is a sponsor of the BlueClaws and the radio broadcast was being conducted from a bed on the concourse level. “Voice of the BlueClaws” announcer Greg Giombarrese invited Vice President Steinhauer to join them on the radio to talk about NJEA and some of the issues facing our members as they headed back to school. Giombarrese noted that his mother is an NJEA member and commended NJEA members for the work they do in New Jersey’s public schools.

NJEA and the Lakewood BlueClaws, the single-A affiliate of the Philadelphia Phillies, have been partners since the team’s first season in 2000. All fans 12 and under who attended the NJEA game received a free NJEA BlueClaws lunch bag.


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