January School Spirit Award Winner

Jeremy Muermann - January WinnerRead an excerpt of the letter nominating Jeremy Muermann for a School Spirit Award Winner.

Jeremy is the Television Technology Teacher at Lacey High School. He also manages the local TV station, WLTS TV 21.

Lacey Township was hit hard by Superstorm Sandy. Many residents lost their homes and have been displaced. The effects will continue to be felt in this area for many months to come.

Jeremy felt there was much he could do in his position to help the citizens of this devastated community. He organized a 6 hour telethon on TV 21 to help raise money and donations for those in need. “PROVIDE FOR THE PRIDE” was a huge success and has been beneficial to many. The Lacey Food Bank, First Methodist Church, local volunteer fire companies, EMS and the twp rescue dive team are just a few local organizations to benefit from the event. His efforts should be applauded as he is a true hero to his students and our community. He has taught all of us to be better human beings and all of his hard work and dedication should not go unrecognized.