2012 NJEA Convention Cancelled

Questions & Answers

Will districts be open?

This is a unique situation not necessarily contemplated by either the statute or contractual language dealing with the NJEA convention. We strongly urge all districts and local associations to work cooperatively in order to best use those two days for the benefit of students, their families and district employees. If members have questions about the status of those days in their local district, they should direct those questions through their local president to the local UniServ Field Representative.

What should I do about my hotel reservation? (UPDATED)

Call the hotel and cancel as soon as possible.  Most hotels allow for cancellation with adequate notice.  Most of the hotels which contracted with NJEA to make blocks of rooms available to NJEA members have agreed to allow cancellations without penalty until at least 72 hours prior to scheduled arrival.  Some require only 24 or 48 hours notice.  NJEA is working with the hotels to make sure they honor those agreements and allow for cancellations as agreed. Any other reservations with other businesses, particularly any guaranteed with a credit card, should be canceled as soon as possible. 

UPDATE:  NJEA has been advised that members who reserved their rooms through AC Central Reservations have already had their reservations canceled.  NJEA strongly recommends that members still call to confirm that their reservations have been canceled. If you still intend to travel to Atlantic City, you will need to rebook your reservation. 

Why did NJEA cancel the Convention?

This is not a decision we took lightly.  We wanted to make sure we were acting in the best interests of both our members and the people of Atlantic City.  We monitored the situation in Atlantic City closely as it developed.  Once we were able to assess all the facts and make an informed decision, we did so.

Will the Convention be rescheduled for later this year?

It is not practical to reschedule an event of this size.  However, we are committed to bringing the NJEA Convention back to Atlantic City bigger and better than ever in 2013.

Will NJEA provide other PD opportunities this year?

While the NJEA Convention is NJEA’s premier professional development event, NJEA provides a multitude of professional development opportunities throughout the year.  Please visit njea.org and search for “professional learning” for some of the resources and opportunities available to members.

Can I get a waiver or an extension on my 100-hour requirement?

We have not had any discussions about that issue with the Department of Education.  We recommend that members continue to fulfill all of their professional development requirements.   NJEA will continue to offer a number of professional learning opportunities.

How can I help? (UPDATED)

NJEA is in contact with officials in Atlantic City to find out how members and staff can help out there.  As of now, they are NOT requesting that people come to Atlantic City to help in cleanup efforts.  If opportunities become available, we will let members know.  The Red Cross and other relief organizations are accepting donations to help all victims of the storm. 

UPDATE: The NJEA Hurricane Sandy Back to School Fund has been established to help our members replace and rebuild the learning environments our students need. Through donations of money, materials and time, NJEA and its members will help our hardest-hit schools and communities rebuild.