NJEA launches hurricane relief fund

Published on Monday, November 5, 2012

Like others who have seen the devastation in New Jersey in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, NJEA members are asking how they can help.  As educators, we want to make sure that students get back to school, and back to normal, as soon as possible.  The damage to many schools makes that a real challenge, but you can make it a reality.

The NJEA Hurricane Sandy Back to School Fund will help our members replace and rebuild the learning environments our students need.

While districts must get schools up and running, it will require NJEA members to make them inviting and welcoming places for learning.  Our members invest significant personal resources every year to do that.  This year, in some schools, what they have created over a career has been lost. 

Through donations of money, materials and time, NJEA and its members will help our hardest-hit schools and communities rebuild.  Through the Back to School fund, we will:

  • Identify areas of greatest need.
  • Coordinate NJEA member, local affiliate, and community donations – both financial and material -- to ensure the resources go where they are most needed and beneficial.
  • Coordinate NJEA member volunteers from around the state to work in affected districts to get buildings and classrooms ready to welcome students.
  • Provide additional financial resources to allow members to replace educational materials that were lost when school buildings were damaged by the storms, particularly those items that are unlikely to be replaced by the district – i.e., items that members themselves originally provided.
  • Provide resources to help students who need school supplies in order to get back to learning as soon as possible.
  • Help to ensure that the entire school building and all educational programs are prepared to welcome and serve students.
  • Provide whatever other support we can to ensure that students return to a safe, welcoming learning environment as soon as possible.


Send a check or money order to:

NJEA Hurricane Sandy Back to School Fund
P.O. BOX 13407
Philadelphia, PA 19101



Donate Here

Opportunities for individuals and local associations to help with specific projects are being developed.  Information will be available through NJEA UniServ field offices soon. 

NOTE:  Donations to the NJEA Hurricane Sandy Back to School Fund are not tax deductible.

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