NJ students Move like Maclin

Published on Friday, February 15, 2013

Jeremy Maclin 

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The Philadelphia Eagles may have had a disappointing season, but you wouldn’t have known it from the boisterous Eagles cheers coming from the gym at E.T. Hamilton Elementary School in Voorhees. The school won the NJEA/Eagles Radio Move Like Maclin Contest which included an Eagles Radio Pep Rally starring Eagles wide receiver Jeremy Maclin.

Guidance counselor Derek Myers and Rich Mann, a physical education teacher who recently retired after 37 years, led the charge at E.T. Hamilton. “When I read about this program in the NJEA newspaper, I had a strong feeling this fitness program will work well with these students,” noted Mann.

E.T. Hamilton was just one of several New Jersey elementary schools that accepted the challenge to ramp up their physical activity for five weeks. This school-wide program encouraged students to walk, run, or jog during recess periods and outside of school. Students used a log to count the number of minutes they spent walking, jogging, or running each day.

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