Subcontracting bill heads to governor's desk

Published on Thursday, June 27, 2013

Breaking: Senate concurs and passes S-1191 by a vote of 25-10. Bill heads to the governor's desk to await his signature.

Take Action

Contact the governor’s office and ask him to sign S-1191 to give Education Support Professionals reasonable protections when their jobs are at risk.

Call the governor at: (609) 292-6000

Sample Script:

Hello, my name is ______ from ______ . I am calling to ask the Governor to sign S-1191 into law to provide employee protections for our education support professionals. I hope my family and I can count on his support. Thank you!

Subcontracting bill passes Assembly, on path to governor's desk

Published on June 25, 2013

Assembly Vote S-1191Breaking: The NJ Assembly passed S-1191, NJEA's ESP rights bill on privatization, by a vote of 50-27-1.  This bill requires boards of education to provide 90 days notice before an intent to privatize as well as prevents boards from privatizing during an existing contract. The bill returns back to the Senate on Thursday for a concurrence vote, and, if approved, heads to the governor's desk where it will join NJEA's ESP due process rights bill awaiting a signature.

Subcontracting bill to be heard by full Assembly

Published June 18, 2013

Breaking: S-1191 passed the Assembly Budget Committee on Monday, June 17 by a vote of 8-4. The bill now heads to the full Assembly on Monday, June 24. Please contact your Assembly members and urge them to support S-1191!

Subcontracting bill to be heard by Assembly Budget Committee

Published June 14, 2013

On Monday, June 17 the Assembly Budget Committee will hear S-1191. Under this bill, school districts must notify employees whose jobs might be privatized at least 90 days in advance and sit down with the union to negotiate over the potential privatization. Take Action

S-1191 also includes language to allow counties the option to establish a countywide purchasing program. If a county opts to create such a program, then all school districts who currently subcontract their food or custodial services, would be required to contract with the county-selected vendor for those services.

Please contact Members of the Assembly Budget Committee and urge them to support S-1191!

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